Reviews of Forever Debts

“Each piece seems fastened just tight enough to the others, which is undoubtedly due in part to the band's impressive tact and toughness...these songs always introduce minor kinks and pinches that make for increasingly rewarding listens: a winsome keyboard trill, some rough-hewn 12th-fret harmonics, a snaky counterpoint wriggling beneath the lead guitar and drums – two months into consistent listening, I'm still finding pleasant little signs of conscientious songcraft all over this record.

Schneider's voice is somewhere between Elvis Costello's and Britt Daniel's, somehow affecting a sense of cool in spite of its almost cartoonish timbre. He trades their frequent sarcasm and fury for an earnestness tinged with slick cynicism. His persona ripens in reverse as the record progresses: by the end you can still hear the sweetness and longing that fell from the first songs, but these are packed into a tougher, less forgiving skin. Tracing this emotional arc is another of the latent games Schneider allows the listener to unpack. These hidden narratives spun through scads of multi-tracked goodies will make it difficult to put Forever Debts aside after listening to it consistently for a couple months now. With some time, this one pays back what you put into it.
-Tiny Mix Tapes, August 30, 2006 full review ---->

“One of the positive developments in music lately has been the forgotten art of giving a damn. It's been refreshing to hear music with arrangements that aren't necessarily orchestral but full of little touches here and there, indications that the artist knows you're listening and wants you to have a good time.

“The new record by Paul Schneider, called Forever Debts, is a fun thing to behold. It's got all sorts of things going on, the most noticeable being some catchy, well-written rock songs.”
-music (for robots) full review ---->

Reviews of Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity is an accomplished debut for a promising young songwriter who thankfully seems as interested in the musical content of his songs as the lyrical. Fans of recent offerings by (to pigeonhole) neo-folkies like Tom McRae will definitely find much to like here, though the appeal certainly doesn't stop there: Escape Velocity is also a solid indie rock record, announcing the arrival of a songwriter to look out for.” full review ---->

“His new debut is a mishmash of shoegaze, electronica, country and folk music; but, at heart, it’s the music made by a singer/songwriter using all the technology and influences at his disposal to realize a vision of bittersweet, tender pop songs.” full review ---->

“A fine demonstration of a dying art, that of the well-crafted pop song, stripped of pretension and over-indulgence... This is an album to reminisce about the days when writing a fine song was more important than a fashionable haircut, and as such is worth your attention.” full review ---->

“Schneider has channelled his talents into creating a truly diverse, spirited and affecting album. It’s often dark, moody and left-of-center, but the pop edge of the tunes means they are never anything less than captivating.” full review ---->

“Heartfelt without being cloying, each song on Escape Velocity is delivered with warmth, tenderness and more than enough tunes. Like a more soothing Elvis Costello...”
-Leonard’s Lair full review ---->

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